3D Modeling Services

Kickstart’s 3D services include Revit 3D modelling to convert your 2D floor plans, elevations, sections, details, and interior elevations into a 3D building model. Revit’s built-in default families are used for architectural objects such as walls, windows, doors, furniture, cabinets, etc. We can also use the client’s custom Revit families when provided to match your unique building systems, furniture and equipment. The final Revit 3D models can include multiple disciplines such as architectural, structural, and MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing). The final architectural model can also be exported to DWG, DWF, and PDF formats if required.

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Create Revit Model From Scratch [Renovation and Expansion Projects]

Our Revit group will develop a 3D Revit model based on your floor plans, elevations, details, and section drawings. At this point, you can choose what disciplines are required in the model. Structural and MEP (mechanical, piping, and electrical) can also be added.

Enhance Your Existing Revit Model

Many firms have expertise in only certain aspects of Revit. With our expertise in 3D drafting, Kickstart can add additional data to existing Revit models. For example, your existing Revit architectural background can be expanded to include structural details and also mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) equipment or structural components.

The final 3D Revit models can be rotated and viewed from various perspectives and be used to identify any conflicts between the various building systems.

Convert 2D Drawing Sets to Accurate 3D Models

As facility owners start to demand more 3D modelled building plans it has become apparent that not all engineering and architectural companies are able to produce drawings as quickly as they can produce 2D CAD drawings. We have the ability to take projects designed in 2D and convert them into full 3D models with all the 2D drawing sheet views created from the model. The 3D set can run in parallel to the 2D set or the 3D set can become the main design set as the company’s 3D capabilities improve.

Custom 3D Services  

Kickstart can provide help in transitioning your firm to a 3D drafting world. We are experienced in creating custom families for clients, as well as setting up your standards in a 3D drafting environment.

Other custom 3D services include: extracting 3D models into 2D sheet views (exported as DWG format - upon request) and creating 100%, accurate models.

Level of Detail (LOD)

In order to efficiently manage the process of working in a BIM workflow, the industry has adopted a formal language of describing the completeness of a digital model at a given point in time. This language is “Level of Development” (LOD). LOD, in the BIM world, ranges from 100 (basic/conceptual) to 500 (highly detailed /precise).